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Another picture of the mystery HISS Tank on ACToys…

The plot thickens…

Recently a few images of a mysterious chrome plated HISS Tank had sprouted up on  Initially thought to be a custom, we now have another image posted which would certainly seem to indicate these are at least at some level of production.


Granted, these could still be customs, just somehow produced on a larger scale…  just seems interesting.  Time will tell.  Check out the thread here.  Thanks as usual to HissCommander of The Terror Drome for the heads up.

Updated info from latest Nintendo Power magazine

Thanks to Shin Densetsu of for providing a lot more information about the upcoming Rise of COBRA video game.  The latest issue of Nintendo Power apparently has some more details that we hadn’t previously been aware of.

Click here to see the full details of what he had to say, including mention of characters like Night Creepers, Stalker, Red Ninjas, and B.A.T.’s.  Also mentioned are the vehicles Crimson Attack Tank, Flight Pod, HISS Tank and Snowcat.

Keep in mind I also had a pretty exhaustive rundown here on GeneralsJoes with all of the different information taken from the Toy Fair demo.