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High Res Hall of Heroes images at The Terror Drome

HissCommander from has posted some very nice high resolution images from the Hall of Heroes series.  While the figures don’t excite me much due to the repetition of parts use and character over-abundance, I gotta say the packaging is freaking beautiful.  It’s tempting to drop some green on them just for the cards alone…very nice.

Anyway, check out the pictures here.

Details on Wii and DS versions of Rise of COBRA game in latest Nintendo Power

The latest issue of Nintendo Power apparently contains a nice article on the upcoming Rise of COBRA video game being released this summer by Electronic Arts.  It covers both the Wii and DS versions of the game.  While there doesn’t appear to be many differences between the Wii version and the X-Box 360 or Playstation 3 ones, there are sizeable differences between the DS version and all others.

To check out some new screenshots and some info about the Nintendo based systems, grab the May issue of Nintendo Power on newstands.  A small preview of the article can be seen below, with thanks to Shin Densetsu and Snake Eyes-Joe Ninja of


Another stellar offering in the comics-to-animation category

I’ve raved in the past about various Marvel-based animated properties that had knocked my socks off recently, most notably Hulk Vs. and Wolverine and the X-Men.  I focus on those mainly because I’m such a fan of the Marvel characters, much more so, for some reason, than the DC comics ones.  Marvel seemed much more grounded in reality (if that makes any sense) while DC’s heroes were mostly inhuman God-like beings walking the Earth.  However, when I come across an amazing cartoon featuring DC Comics characters, I’ve gotta say something about it…hence this post about Wonder Woman.