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Some great Hall of Heroes comparison pics at JoeBattleLines

MaxPower over at the JBL forums received his Hall of Heroes figures in the mail, and did a very good comparison/review of the recently released Hall of Heroes single-carded figures.  He breaks them down piece-by-piece and compares them to their equivolent releases already in the Anniversary line.

The in depth thread is here, and images are mirrored below.  Thanks to MaxPower at JBL for the pics!

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Canadian JoeCon reveals 2 more exclusives!

Over at, more images and items have been revealed for exclusives slated to hit with the Canadian JoeCon!  Check out the thread on JoeCanuck here for all of the details on the 25th Anniversary exclusive Backstop with his personal tank the “Deadeye”!  Custom paint jobs and custom stickers highlight these two great looking exclusives.

The Canadian JoeCon explodes May 2nd with a veritable all star of guests, including Hasbro Canada, Mark Bellomo, and David Willis.  You can also check out the images below.

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Unreleased Quarrel/Scarlett figure on

A repaint of the 25th Anniversary Scarlett figure, painted to resemble the European Exclusive Action Force “Quarrel” from back in the day, has surfaced on  Current speculation is that this was the base figure for the unreleased “Arctic Scarlett” that was slated to come with COBRA Commander in a wave of Comic Packs that never saw the light of day.  The translated description of the auction also comes out as “Hasbro GIJOE special female red hair color version of the snow” which also supports that theory.

Check the auction out here.


Thanks to HissCommander from The Terror Drome for the info!