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Nice loose pics of chrome-plated vintage Storm Shadow figures

Over the past couple of weeks, eBay watchers have spotted some strange new Storm Shadow figures cropping up for sale from overseas.  Dubbed the “Storm Shadow Forever” figures, the two COBRA ninja’s are deco’d in vac metal silver and gold, complete with a nice, official looking COBRA sigil.  Make no mistake about it, these are not official items, but they’re at least unique in their own way.

Friend of GeneralsJoes,  cmderinchief (from Coil Club and JoeBattleLines, naturally…  :shifty: ) got his hands on a pair of these and took some very cool pictures.  Check out the thread on JBL here, or check out the images mirrored below.  Not for everyone, I don’t think, but pretty neat, just the same.

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Wave 5 vehicle test shots on eBay

From the “off again, on again” department at Hasbro, the Wave 5 vehicles have been a source of question marks for Joe fans over the past several months.  Solicited a long time ago, then cancelled, and now apparently reborn, the Stinger, Arctic HISS, and FLAK/CLAW continue to tease collectors.  eBay seller dreamcab has now posted test shots for these vehicles on his eBay page, along with some apparent packaging samples.

Click here to check out his eBay seller page, or you can always check out the direct links and images mirrored below.

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Kick ass custom of the week – Custom packaging by BennyBroca

Wow.  Some amazing stuff here.  You don’t always have to work with plastic to get the “kick ass custom” moniker here.  😉

BennyBroca over on HissTank has posted some very impressive customized box art and package art and really manages to capture the vintage style.  My personal favorite is the customized box for the MASS Device, which has two images I’ve mirrored below.  Definitely check out the thread to see the other pics, though, they’re all awesome.