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Loose Sgt. Stone images posted online

Cmderinchief from JoeBattlelines and the Coil Club has posted some images of the recently revealed “Sgt. Stone” figure from the upcoming Rise of COBRA action figure line.  Originally thought to potentially be a single card General Hawk, it was revealed last week that he appears to be a totally new character, and rumor has it he is the subject of Brandon Fraser’s cameo appearence in the film.  Time will tell if that is truly the case.

At any rate, the images are mirrored below!  Enjoy.

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Great new pictures of COBRA Commander and TRU Firefly at ACToys!

ACToys member sherwood has posted a few pictures of a loose Rise of COBRA Cobra Commander and the upcoming Headquarters for Heroes Toys “R” Us Exclusive Firefly here.  This gives us our first real glimpse at loose samples of both of these figures.  While I’m still a bit on the fence about COBRA Commander, that Firefly is just awesome.  He looks to be a blend of COBRA Trooper (Resolute) pieces with some gear from Sgt. Airborne and the comic pack Firefly mixed in.  A thing of beauty, and he’ll fit seamlessly with the rest of my Resolute figures.  Loving it.

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Thanks as always to HissCommander of The Terror Drome for the scoop.