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G.I. Joe Resolute to air on Adult Swim on April 25th!

Take this with a grain of salt as there has been zero confirmation from either Hasbro or Cartoon Network, but according to Adult Swim’s On Air Schedule, there is an entry for G.I. Joe: Resolute for Saturday, April 25th from 12:00am – 1:30am.  Again, we do not yet have confirmation for this information, but Adult Swim has published an “On Air” schedule, and there is, at this point, an entry for Resolute on April 25th.  This doesn’t appear to be a hoax, the on air schedule is pulled direct from

Is it true?  Keep your eyes here…I’m going to see what I can find out.

Thanks, of course, to SNAKE EYES, jedicrippler, and Shin Densetsu of for the heads up.


EDIT: This info is being somewhat reported by as well…this is looking to be legit.  Fingers crossed.

Canadian Joe Con exclusive “Black Jackal” revealed!

chacalnoirThe folks at JoeCanuck have revealed the first of their five (!!) exclusives for the upcoming Canadian Joe Con, happening May 2nd, 2009.  The first figure shown is Chacal Noir, or the Black Jackal, and he is an Anniversary sculpt featuring a filecard written by G.I. Joe legend Larry Hama.

Click here to check out the full details, and make sure to keep your eyes peeled to for all of the upcoming information on the convention itself.  The guest list now includes Hasbro Canada, Mark Bellomo, and David Willis of Shortpacked! fame.  Quite an impressive list of guest stars so far.

Who is the “Elite Viper”? New Cardback images!

While everyone’s been ranting and raving about the new auction pictures posted of newer Rise of COBRA figures, Toy News International went one step further and managed to acquire cardback pictures of these new figures!  Among these cardback images, specifically the one for Deep Six, reveals a new, unknown COBRA Trooper, the “Elite Viper”.

The Elite Viper image on the cardback can be seen here.

Also, thanks to the larger carded images, we now know that Barbecue and Firefly appear to be part of a “Headquarters to Heroes” Toys “R” Us exclusives line.

To see all of these great larger images, click here, and big kudos to Toy News International for scoring these additional pictures!

EDIT – The images are now being mirrored in a gallery below…  Check ’em out!

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Reviews for newly released IDW Comics showing up online

A few different sources have begun posting reviews of the most recent issues of the G.I. Joe comics online…  I’m starting to realize there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to review everything I want to review, so I may have to be more selective.  🙁

Anyway, here’s what we’ve got so far sprinkling around the World Wide Web:

Very interesting reviews…I find it intriguing that the fringe books seem to be getting more positive buzz than the core book itself.  It doesn’t seem to be a reflection of Chuck Dixon’s writing (since he’s writing the movie prequel as well) but, whatever the reason, that is the case.  I do think that the core series started off somewhat slow, and has continued to crawl pace-wise for all 4 issues.  I think something has to start ramping up in that title soon, or it may just get too drawn out.  After all, the Marvel series told a very similar story way back in Issue #3, and it only took one issue to tell it.  How long do we really need to see Destro’s henchman playing X-Box?

Rise of COBRA Wave 1 Scarlett pictures

The well-connected cmderinchief comes through with some more pictures of an upcoming Rise of COBRA figure, this time in the form of the Wave 1 Scarlett.  He’s allowed me to host the images in a gallery below as well:

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Hmmm…  yikes.  I know I’ll be waiting for the armored version myself, just something about that figure is not jiving with me.  Hasbro has proven that they can make decent looking female figures, but for whatever reason, Scarlett doesn’t make that cut.

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