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Rise of COBRA Wave 1 Ripcord w/ Accelerator Suit Pictures

Destro from HissTank has continued his coverage of Wave 1 of the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA action figures with a bunch of pictures of Ripcord in his Delta 6 Accelerator Suit.

I know even I was a bit leery about the accelerator suits when pictures were shown quite a while ago, but seeing them in action in the Super Bowl spot changed my mind quick.  Seeing this figure continues on that positive vibe.  I’m a big fan of the sci-fi aspect of G.I. Joe, from the Mega Marines all the way up to Sigma 6, so I’m really digging these “super suits”.  I’ve got a short list of movie-themed figures on my “must buy” list, but Ripcord is definitely one of them.  I like this figure a lot.

For more pictures that I took at Toy Fair check out the gallery below.

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GIJoeClub Direct to COBRA Exclusive Comic now shipping

dtc_coverReports in from M6D of that the GIJoeClub exclusive comic book Direct to COBRA: Ambush in the Swamp is shipping now!

It features a number of characters pulled from the Collectors’ Club library of exclusives, as well as several characters from the Valor Vs. Venom, and Direct to Consumer days, as well as some nice character profiles of the DTC Outback, Falcon, Copperhead, Airtight, and Demolisher.

Written to tie in with the latest DTC Wave 4 exclusive figures available at the shop, Falcon, Outback, Airtight, Night-Viper, Munitia, COBRA Officer, and Python Patrol Copperhead.

Check this thread at JoeSightings, or this thread at JoeBattleLines for more information.

You can also buy this comic now at the shop!

GeneralsJoes Interviews Larry Hama

With two months in the books and a certain-to-be-exciting remaining 10 months in the year, 2009 is already shaping up to be a seminal year in G.I. Joe history.  Regardless of your opinion on the movie, we can all agree it is a critical juncture in G.I. Joe history and something that could change the brand’s identity for a long time.  Let’s all face it, G.I. Joe hasn’t had a ton of street cred since the 90’s, and this is a chance for it to become a focused, viable brand again, which is great news for all fans, even folks who aren’t wild about the look of the upcoming film.

With all of this excitement on the horizon, I took some time to talk to the G.I. Joe “godfather”, Larry Hama to find out what his thoughts are as the year goes on and The Rise of COBRA looms in the future.