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More video game details from someone who’s seen it first hand

JoeBattleLines forum member WNightBlade reports here that he visited a “Preview Event” for Electronic Arts and saw some of the G.I. Joe video game first hand.  According to his account, it is definitely third-person shooter, mostly arcade-like in nature, with fairly basic controls and unlockable costumes/characters.  The level he was watching featured Snake Eyes and “Roadblock” (though it may have been Heavy Duty).

He was not wild about the end result, which if I’m not mistaken is to be expected with pretty much everyone in the fandom in regards to movie licensed games, especially ones produced by Electronic Arts.  Regardless, I’m keeping an open mind until I get my own first hand account Saturday in New York, then we’ll see what I think.

A big thanks to WNightBlade for sharing his experience!

G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA Breaker on eBay with detailed pics

12International seller ws_toys has posted a G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA Breaker auction with much larger and more detailed pictures of the G.I. Joe communications expert.  Check out the auction here.  As suspected, the figure comes with a lot of gear, and ends up looking a bit better with his camouflage vest…not quite so scrawny.

Still going to have to wait until I see these in hand before I’m 100% committed to anything, but always cool to see new pictures.  Thanks to Destro at HissTank for the heads up.

Picture of his gear follows:


The G.I. Joe: Rise of COBRA Video Game – What we know so far

As I’ve been perusing different sites looking at various links to articles about the video game it occurrs to me that many of these articles are saying separate things about the game that others are not.  Some have certain details that others don’t, and still others mention some things that I did not realize until I’d read the 4th or 5th press release on this thing.  So all that being said, I figured I’d collect all the info in one easy-to-follow place, and maybe help folks get an idea what we’re looking forward to.  Read on…