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More IDW details from NYCC

With thanks from The Terror Drome we received a link to Newsarama’s very detailed coverage of the G.I. Joe/Transformers panel at New York ComicCon yesterday.  Among the tidbits, are a mention of different “Spotlight” series each with a unique focus on a particular character.  Already in the works are Snake Eyes, Beachhead and the Baroness, as well as a four-issue prequel to the G.I. Joe film coming in August.

Rather than me keep going on and on, go ahead and check out the article for yourself.

Sounds like the license is in capable hands!

Kick ass custom of the week part… err… I lost track

So yeah, I’ve kind of lost track on exactly how many of these I’ve done, but regardless, I’ve seen another kick ass custom to talk about.  I think most folks who are familiar with customs these days (especially comic-based ones) know the work of Jin Saotome.  I’ve been a fan of his for a long, long time…  I like a lot of his G.I. Joe work, but me being a fan of the “neon 90’s” and Star Brigade, I just couldn’t help but point out one of his latest creations:  Robo-Joe!

Such neon orange goodness.  Love it!

Now, the TV season can REALLY start —

–because Dollhouse starts on Friday.

Okay, confession time.  No, I’m not a wannabe goth girl, and in fact I’m a nearly 35 year old father, and yes, I’m a Joss Whedon fan.  I liked Buffy, I LOVED Angel, Firefly rocked my world, and Serenity was darn near perfect cinema.  Don’t even get me started on Dr. Horrible