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NYCC going full force

So, I’m feeling wishy washy.  Look, I know this is a G.I. Joe site, and I know most of the viewers really only care about that.  But I’ll be damned if I’m not getting sucked into these awesome 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe figures.  They’re the perfect marraige between the comic characters I love, the scale I’m a huge fan of, and the articulation I need.

What do you guys think?  You want to see more coverage of the Marvel stuff (though only the 3 3/4″!) here?  Here are a few galleries to get you going:

Marvelous News

Fred from JoeBattleLines and I were just talking about this…and man, if this doesn’t have some serious potential.  Imagine COBRA agents discovering Captain America frozen in ice, then teaming up with Hydra to unthaw him and turn him into their ultimate weapon?  Imagine SHIELD discovering the existence of COBRA and Hydra’s union, and deciding a specialized task force needed to be created to battle against them…a task force called G.I. Joe?

Imagine the infamous “Merc with a mouth” battling toe-to-toe against the most famous and skilled Arashikage ninja in the world…  Nick Fury and General Hawk standing back-to-back fighting off scientifically advanced terrorists.  The possibilities are almost endless.  I’m getting a bit pumped up.

Toy Fair in one week!

2009 Convention set hints – What do they mean, and what do I think?

So with the craze of the movie TV spot, Resolute, and the 25th Anniversary, something flying under the radar is the 2009 Convention set…  with the Convention a little more than 6 months away, we should start getting some idea of what the set is going to be any day now.  In fact, the Collectors’ Club has given us a few hints already, and I’ve made my opinions pretty publicly known already.  I’m pulling for the Red Shadows/Action Force pretty hard core, and the hints so far really do justify that in some ways.  I have to give big props to “Admiral Hunter” of the Coil Club for tying a lot of this together, but what he says makes a lot of sense.

EDIT: Shame on me for not mentioning “ggpike” of the Coil Club as well!  He gave Admiral Hunter the clues, so screw Hunter, George gets the props from me.  😉


New item listings on Amazon?

LeonardoTDragon, the admin over at JoeBattleLines has uncovered some neat info buried on

According to this listing, there is an upcoming G.I. Joe 4-Pack entitled an “Intro Pack” which is slated to include Duke, Agent Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and Roadblock.  While it’s unknown at this point what new tooling (if any) will be utilized, this could be a great opportunity to get some updated versions of Duke (with fixed arms), Agent Scarlett, and Roadblock.    Is this legit?  It’s a tough call.  There are some inconsistencies and even some spelling errors in the description, so it’s pretty tough to tell, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.  It also appears to come with a DVD, and a “light up” G.I. Joe sign.  No pictures as of yet, and take this all with a BIG grain of salt with no official confirmation.  Hopefully we’ll see something at Toy Fair on the 14th!