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Larger, more Hi-Res pics of the UK Movie cards online

Both HissTank and The TerrorDrome have come through with MUCH larger pictures of those UK Toy Fair movie trading cards…  at HissTank you need to be a member to view the pics, so if you’re not, The Terror Drome has you hooked up, too.

All in all, the pics…well…they don’t do a whole lot for me, because a lot of it is stuff we’ve seen before, and the pictures are pretty small.  Some things that I noticed, though:


UK Toy Fair G.I. Joe Movie Cards REVEALED!

The UK Toy Fair is going on right now, and some lucky folks got a “behind the scenes” look at the upcoming G.I. Joe film.  A thread at HissTank is ongoing right now with discussion about what was revealed.

Along with that discussion, streetfield and cmdrinchief have come through and given us the trading card pictures to display for the world to see!  Check out their coolness below.  Lots of movie images revealed!

Click to enlarge!

Hulk Vs. Wolverine YouTube Goodness

So, as you’re all aware, if you’ve been reading the site, the “Hulk Vs.” DVD was released on Tuesday, and the end result is all sorts of YouTube clips of the awesomeness within, especially with the Wolverine installment.

None of them are better than this one, though, featuring Deadpool’s best moments:


I’m so glad I bought this.  Even though the Wolverine part of the DVD is only a touch over 30 minutes, it’s probably the most entertaining Marvel-based animated feature I’ve seen.  Gold.