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It’s Q & A Day Today!

We’re a bit late in getting answers back from Hasbro on the Q&A’s for this round, but Phil from JoeReloaded has gotten his and they’ve been posted here.

Don’t forget to keep checking GeneralsJoes as I update my Q & A Page with links to all the various forums questions and answers!

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Hi all,

We wanted to tell you about a few new things going on at SMALLJOES.COM.


New 1:32 scale D-Day commemorative items now in stock.  Brand new 2-1/2
ton truck and German Elefant tank now available!  Also stocked: D-Day
editions of M3A1 half-track and the type 82 Kubelwagen.


1:18 scale Little Bird and F6F Hellcat (S1, Alexander Vraciu version) are
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Now through the end of October all Indiana Jones products are 50% off!  This
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We have added some Microman figures to the clearanc aisle.  Check it out,
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Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site


Brians Toys Newsletter #486

We have a great selection this week for our newsletter!  We’ve added almost 200 VGA graded Gameboy Games to the site, and plenty more are expected to be added next week.  New Star Wars items such as the Legends of the Saga gift pack, exclusive Republic Gunshup (Wal-Mart), and the Boba Fett Holiday Tablepiece are in stock.  Sideshow Clone Wars General Obi-Wan Kenobi is now available, regular and exclusive editions.  Finally, we’ve added a couple of new figure cases for Indiana Jones (Temple of Doom figures) and GI Joe 25th Anniversary (Wave 10).  Check out these items and plenty more over at