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Arise, Serpentor, Arise – 5 Memorable Moments

Like the Pyramids of Darkness, this mini-series pushed things a lot further into the science fiction realm, but I still found it fairly enjoyable.  Granted, it was probably the one I liked the least of the 4 mini-series, but it still had it’s share of moments.  I’ve never been a Sgt. Slaughter fan, I really disliked how the cartoon portrayed Serpentor, and the second season altogether just didn’t work well for me.  In spite of that, though, I have to appreciate the mini-series itself, and there are a few great moments I want to talk about.


Pyramids of Darkness – 5 Memorable Moments

After I received my DVD Battle Packs for the MASS Device and Revenge of COBRA, I composed a “Top 5” list of the 5 most memerable moments from those two mini-series…at least in my mind.  Well, I don’t quite feel qualified to do that for Pyramids of Darkness and Arise, Serpentor, Arise.  While I’ve certainly seen both mini-series a handful of times over the years, I don’t know them as I know the first two, so instead of pretending as if my personal list of memorable moments are the “Top 5”, I figure I’d simply list them as 5 memorable moments.  But, as always, feel free to disagree.  😉