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Ask any intelligent Patriots fan what their biggest fear was at the beginning of the season, I would think everyone would respond with “the defense”.  The last two weeks pushed those fears aside a bit, but let’s consider the teams we played against.


Something I’m really looking forward to: Wave 7

As I look back through some posts I’ve made here, I come across the realization that if you just read this blog, you might thinkthat I hate the Anniversary figures!  Oye…how did that happen?

Like a lot of other folks, I’ve gotten a bit tired of the endless repaints and re-releases, and am getting somewhat stumped as to why we haven’t at least seen some sign of Recondo, Ripcord, Dr. Mindbender, Wet Suit and a handful of other characters that would be easy to do with exisiting parts and seem like no-brainers.  But when it comes to the Anniversary stuff I can certainly appreciate the quality of the toys themselves, and I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming Wave 7 single packs.